A Missouri man who impersonated an FBI agent, a journalist and a newly hired employee of the St. Louis Blues hockey team was caught when he used a fake FBI ID with a police officer, according to an FBI agent.

FBI Special Agent Owen Cunningham's testified at a May 9 hearing for Mark Van Ronzelen's federal case, the St. Louis Dispatch reported. Defense attorney John Lynch had sought to have the 45-year-old released from jail before trial.

Lynch said the detention issue is on hold but declined to say why. Court documents show that Lynch seeks a psychiatric exam of Van Ronzelen.

Van Ronzelen was initially indicted in April on felony charges of impersonating an FBI special agent and possession of a fraudulent FBI ID card. Prosecutors added additional charges that alleged Van Ronzelen possessed other fake credentials, including a fake White House press pass, as well as equipment to make such documents.

Cunningham said the indictment came after Van Ronzelen followed a police officer to his home in March. He said Van Ronzelen pulled up in his own car and flashed an FBI badge and ID. Cunningham said Van Ronzelen left after the officer identified himself.

The officer allegedly called police after Van Ronzelen apologized and left.

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