We have been hearing about supply chain issues.  We have all seen a product that seems to be missing from shelves at various stores.  At least the Christmas, somehow, someway, Santa brought everything we asked for this Christmas.

But this news...well this is horrible.  It is concerning.  Luckily for us in the United States, we are good.  But if you are in Japan, you might be missing out.

Yes, McDonalds is rationing their delicious fries.  Until December 30th. The rationing is thanks to supply issues caused by recent floods in Canada, which is a significant transit point for potato shipments, as well as pandemic distribution issues.   Only 1 small order of fries will be available per order.

Have you ever wondered how the fries from McDonalds are made and why they are so good?  I do know that their fryers are a little bit smaller.  This is so they have to fry them more often, which should mean fresher and hotter fries.  And of course the salt!

Year after year, this fast food chain seems to get the vote for the best fries.  Click HERE for an article on why they are so good.

I realize that not everyone is a fast food connoisseur.  Perhaps the fries do nothing for you.  But every once in a while, we get a craving and those fries hit the spot.  Lets hope the supply issues that lead to Japan putting a ration on them will not make it's way to the states.  There could be rioting in the streets, mass hysteria.

Or not.  But don't get between us and our fries!

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