Since most of our lives have changed in some degree due to COVID-19, I think back to a time when things seemed a little more simple.

Every once in awhile you'll see kids riding their bikes along the city streets.  On their way to some destination...the swimming pool, a friend's house, or possibly the library.  I wonder if the bicycle is still used as much as they were years ago for kids to go to and fro.  For me it was pretty much the only mode of transportation when I was growing up. Of course when I turned 16, I was able to purchase my first car with a small loan from the local bank.  I think my car payments were all of about $26.00 a month.  (I'm talking a few years ago, mind you!)  Bucking bales in the summer and working part time at the local radio station kept me going through high school.  Days on the outdoors asphalt basketball court, perfecting my game, with the city swimming pool just a few steps away kept me occupied on those days when I wasn't out in the fields sweating in the hay field or inside slaving over a hot microphone at the station!  Now days you hear about kids in front of video games all day and night.  If I was a betting man,  I'd say, unfortunately, most of those kids don't know what they're missing being outside on these beautiful Missouri summer days.  By the way...pass me the playing cards and a clothes pin...I'm ready to get my bike fixed up!  (Ask your mom or dad...they'll remember!)

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