The Missouri Capitol library is closed indefinitely because of safety concerns with the dome ceiling.

Contractors were investigating an overhead crack in January, the Jefferson City News Tribune reported Wednesday. A structural analysis found enough problems to prompt an immediate evacuation.

Senate Administrator Patrick Baker told the newspaper that the cost and time needed to repair the dome is not yet known. He said the issue is expected for a building built more than 100 years ago.

Missouri state lawmakers last year set aside more than $321 million to pay for repairs throughout the Capitol, as well as $300 million for renovations recommended by a panel of elected officials and administrators tasked with maintaining the building.

Historical documents and books housed in the library — which include legislative records dating back to the 1800s — will be available online or by special request until the ceiling is fixed.

“We hope to reopen the library main area as soon as possible,” library administrator Nathan Elwood wrote in an email to lawmakers and staff.

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