This past mid-term election, the residents of Missouri had a hand it choosing a new Senator that will represent us in Washington. 

The voters selected Eric Schmidt who was our Attorney General.  Since he cannot hold that position while being a Senator our Governor had to appoint a new one. He did that today.

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Republican Gov. Mike Parson today named his general counsel, Andrew Bailey,  as Missouri's attorney general. Bailey, a 41 year old who has never held elected office, previously served as an assistant attorney general and assistant prosecuting attorney for Warren County.

The position of Attorney General is not only an important position, but it has often been a position that leads to higher political offices.  Bailey's appointment marks the fourth time Parson has picked a replacement for a vacant statewide elected seat and Parson's second time naming a new attorney general.

No other Missouri governor has filled more than three empty statewide elected positions, making Parson the most influential in Missouri history in terms of his impact on the executive branch through appointments. Even Governor Parson, wasn't elected.  He was appointed from his lieutenant Governor spot after Eric Greitens resigned.

The Governor job isn't complete.  Parson will name yet another statewide official to replace Republican Scott Fitzpatrick as state treasurer after voters in November elected him auditor.  You can get more information HERE.

You can see the video above to watch our Governor make the big announcement.  We shall see how things pan out with this new appointee.

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