Not that long ago the Powerball jackpot was over half a billion dollars.  If you won this, you probably could afford this Missouri home that is still on the market.  It would just cost you $20 Million.

Want some info on the place?  Sure.  20,550 square feet, in the west St. Louis suburb of Wentzville.  And it is build for every day living.   Sure, if you want your own personal Ferris Wheel!

It is a 7 bedroom home.  The owners built the seven-bedroom home in 2001, with plenty of input from the family’s five children about the amenities they desired.  A pool was one of them.  The pool features two racing slides, a lazy river, a hot tub, a zero-entry area for little ones, and a swim-up bar area. The result is on par with what you might find at a five-star resort.

Across the pool from the house sits a fantastic playground area with two carnival-style rides: a Ferris wheel and a flying car ride. There’s also a custom-built swing set.  Got horses? There are stables for them too.  20 acres of land for them to run on.

We now move to building number 3.  It is more of an entertainment venue, where weddings can be hosting in, and it has a full basketball and volleyball court.  There’s a two-lane bowling alley, a theater with both a screen and performance stage, a dance floor, and more.

There are two main suites, one on the first floor and the other on the second level, crafted for multigenerational living.  Home also has a massive kitchen, 29 rooms, a library, and a chapel.

For a full listing of the home, click HERE.  Enjoy the gallery of pictures below.

Wentzville Estate - Most Expensive Home In Missouri

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