A Missouri police department has released reports about how an officer fatally shot a confidential informant.

The Springfield News-Leader acquired the documents from the Aurora-Marionville Police Department.

Documents say 21-year-old Savannah Hill informed authorities that she was with 19-year-old parole violator Mason Farris. Police set up a designated traffic stop May 5 with the intention of arresting Farris.

Documents say that after officers stopped the car, which Hill was driving, a commotion broke out inside the vehicle. Officer Chris Kozisek says the car began backing into him as he approached. Officer David Chatman went to assist Kozisek when the vehicle began reversing again.

Chatman says he feared for his life and fired at Hill in an attempt to stop the vehicle.

A Lawrence County prosecutor has cleared Chatman of wrongdoing.

Farris was taken into custody.

Police badge

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