The Missouri State Fair is full of so many great things to do and see.  There's plenty of rides for the older kids, music, craftsmanship and beauty for the adults... but what about the really little ones? Are they destined to a day of being hot and bored in a stroller?  NO! There is always something going on for the very little ones.  There's a great show that's been at the State Fair this year that is geared just for those little ones and their parents.  You can catch any number of shows at the Kid's Stage, thankfully under a wonderful shade tree on the Fairgrounds.  I got to check out some of Jim "Mister Stinky Feet" Cosgrove's show on Sunday, and he had the kids and their folks laughing and singing.

You can stop by and see Jim or any of the other great shows at the Kids' Stage for free anytime on the grounds.  There are shows all day every day!  So why not round up a few of your favorite bugs and stop by and see the shows? If you want to find out more about Jim, visit his website!
Buggily yours,


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