The Missouri State Fair has been alerted by some of its fair fans that unofficial ticket brokers are listing Missouri State Fair grandstand concert tickets for sale. There are a few problems with this, one being that The Missouri State Fair hasn't even started selling tickets to anything, much less grandstand concerts.

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The Missouri State Fair says anyone who is offering tickets to the Missouri State Fair at this point is selling tickets they don't have. Additionally, ticket brokers may imply that they are an official website for ticket purchases for the Missouri State Fair, but they are not. There are only two places online where you can officially purchase tickets to the Missouri State Fair. Those places are The Missouri State Fair's website and (Bomgaars and Break Time Convenience Stores will be selling advance fair admission tickets too starting in July.)

When I checked out the Etix website, they have information posted about all the Missouri State Fair events you'll need a ticket for and their on-sale dates. I'm talking about concerts, State Fair Arena events, The Governor's Ham Breakfast, and even admission tickets.

The Missouri State Fair says, many times if you were to purchase your tickets through one of these unofficial brokers, you're going to end up paying for using those unofficial brokers, who are essentially scalping tickets (my words, not the state fair's) that you can get more inexpensively from The Missouri State Fair via their website or Etix. The fair says concert tickets are priced between $20 - $60 dollars, so if you're paying a lot more than that for tickets, you're not getting them from the fair.

Here's the thing that's a head-scratcher for me. Why would you go through a ticket broker to get your Missouri State Fair tickets anyway? Yes, there are shows that occasionally sell out, but that's not most shows. Additionally, a lot of times those tickets like the fair says above, are going to cost you more than if you bought them from the fair.

Yes, I get that some seats on the track and the grandstand are better than others. If it's your favorite artist I get the idea behind getting those primo seats. Yet, right now, you've got as good a chance as anyone else to get those primo seats at face value. Not to mention, even seats higher up in the grandstand, or on the sides, in my opinion, give you a better stage view than the lawn at a shed show in St. Louis or Kansas City, or a nosebleed seat at The Enterprise Center or T-Mobile Center.

My piece of advice, skip the brokers and get your tickets through the fair. You can even get access before the public by becoming a fair fan of the Missouri State Fair. Or just keep an eye on our app and listen to our station, we'll have a presale code for our listeners and readers that will get you early access to tickets.

Missouri State Fair tickets go on sale through Etix and the Missouri State Fair website at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, June 27. The box office will open that day at Noon for walk-up ticket sales. Concert ticket presales will start Tuesday, June 20, and run through 4:00 PM Thursday, June 26. For more on tickets check out the Missouri State Fair website.

One last protip. We're out at the Missouri State Fair throughout the event at our tent in front of the grandstand. Many days we have tickets for that night's concert and other ticketed fair events that you can win by having some fun with us, or just asking.

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