As Virginia legalizes marijuana and puts it in the news again, a thought I've had several times over the past couple of years has creeped back up in my brain.

Can we dispense with the medical pot laws and just admit many folks like using cannabis to catch a buzz, and let them do that?

I haven't fully investigated Virginia's pot law, but a story on the ABC 13 News website says adults 21 years of age and older may posses an ounce of cannabis, and residents may cultivate up to four plants per household starting July 1. This while the state works towards full legal retail sales of the drug on January 1, 2024.

Does anyone really think all the stars out in Los Angeles, who have been talking about their medical pot cards for years really have a medical condition that requires them to use marijuana? I don't. I think many of them just like getting high, and if that's how they can do it legally, then OK.

And Missouri's Medical Marijuana law seems to exist more for pearl clutching tight asses that think weed is the devil's lettuce, than actually trying to limit weed use to people who can actually be helped by the drug. Do a quick web search on trying to get a card in Missouri and it's pretty easy to figure out most adults who want one can qualify for one. And there's no shortage of doctors that'll qualify them. For a fee.

I've only gotten high on marijuana several times. When I was much younger. But I liked the buzz. The older I get, the more appealing that after work cocktail becomes. Yet, the older I get the harder alcohol is on my system.

Which leads me to the thought, would catching a buzz from a few hits on a cannabis vape or eating a cannabis infused gummy be a nice release after a tough day at work? Especially if it wasn't as hard on my system as alcohol. And wouldn't it be nice to do that as easily as picking up a six pack at the liquor store?

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