Are you a fan of the St Louis Cardinals? The Kansas City Royals? Chicago Cubs? Another team?  If you are a baseball fan, I have some bad news to deliver. Major League Baseball has cancelled the first two series of the season.  The MLBPA has rejected the final offer from the owners.  So the MLB Lockout continues.

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For many of us who follow baseball, we have seen this coming.  The MLB owners and the Players Association have been at each other throats for a long time. The strike that cost us the World Series in 1994, was heartbreaking, and baseball didn't really recover until 1998, when McGuire and Sosa had their home run chase, and Cal Ripkin Jr. became baseball's Ironman.  If this lockout continues, it may not recover at all.

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In a statement from Commissioner Rob Manfred "The calendar dictates that we are not going to be able to play the first two series of the regular season, and those games are officially cancelled. The first week."  You can read ESPN's take HERE.

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Now I have been a baseball fan since I was a kid.  Back when I was a kid, I was able to watch the Cubs when I came back from school, because they played day games only.  Kauffman Stadium, is one of the cleanest and nicest ballparks in the major leagues, and those fans support this small market team.  Seeing them win in 2015 after getting to game 7 in 2014 was wonderful.  And seeing the Cubs win the World Series in 2016 was one of the greatest joys in my lifetime.

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I am almost to the point where I no longer care about the game.  There are a lot of other sports that can hold my attention.  Billionaires and multi-millionaires fighting like children over money.  This go around, it seems like it is more on the owners, in the past, it has been the players.  I don't know if in a few weeks there will be talks, or which side is willing to cry uncle and make a deal.  Neither side is going to come out happy.  That is how negotiations work.  But if we lose a season, especially after dealing with a pandemic that had them lose a lot of revenue could signal the end of the sport, and the loss of a lot of fans.  Get it together guys.  The American Pastime...may be gone.

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