Here's a great listener-submitted Mommy Madness story to help celebrate Mother's Day. A lot of babies put up a fight when they are being changed, but this 5-month-old refuses to go "number 2."

My daughter is only 5 months old. She is such a happy baby, until it comes time to go “number 2.” She will grunt super loud! Her whole body turns bright red and she starts to shake her fists back and forth.

I know it should not be funny, but the look she gives you while she does it says it all. She gets so mad that it is happening. Our baby sitter has recorded it because she is so funny going to the bathroom. She has done this since she was born and the older she is getting the funnier it is becoming.

Afterwards, she is so excited she went, it’s beyond hard to clean her up! Her legs will not stop moving, her body is wiggling everywhere and she will not put her butt back down to put the other diaper on. She has peed on several people in this process!

You try to stop it, but when nature calls, you have to pick up. Look for more Mommy Madness throughout the week.