Sacred Heart High School will present the award-winning mystery play, The Mousetrap by English crime novelist and playwright Agatha Christie, at 8 p. m. on Dec. 2 at the Smith-Cotton Junior High auditorium, 312 E. Broadway.


Celebrating outrageous characters and an intense sleuth, The Mousetrap premiered in 1952 and has been running continuously on London's West End since then. Part drawing room comedy and part murder mystery, The Mousetrap is a doubled-barreled whodunit full of surprises.

The play is well known for its twist ending, which the audience are traditionally asked not to reveal after leaving the theatre.

In the photo: Mollie (Abby Smeltzer), Ms. Paravicini (Alyssa Perez), Major Metcalfe (Morgan McKeon), Giles (RaeQuan Williams), Mrs. Boyle (Emma Wilhelm), and Miss Casewell (Sadie Rollings) discuss the murderer in their midst, in a scene from The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie.

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