The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has selected the University of Missouri to receive a $1 million, five-year grant in support of the Inclusive Excellence initiative. As one of 33 colleges selected in 2018, Mizzou will contribute to the initiative by improving efforts to engage all students in science - regardless of their backgrounds.

According to a Universtiy of Missouri press release by Jeff Sossamon, the initiative, which partners with the Association of American Colleges and Universities, helps universities to engage in the process of culture change. Participating students could include underrepresented ethnic minorities, first‐generation college students and working adults with families.

Specific goals of Mizzou’s project include enhancing Mizzou’s inclusive culture and capacity through building relationships with community colleges, historically black colleges and Columbia Public Schools. Additionally, the project will seek to enhance inclusivity by working with faculty and advisers in a number of ways, including team mentoring and providing educational videos and other resources. Finally, the project will enhance the retention of undergraduate students by developing peer mentoring networks, leadership development and extracurricular programming designed to stress the importance of inclusion, diversity and equity.

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