More weeds are invading our pastures and reducing available acres for cattle to graze. “Reducing weeds in pastures increases grazable acres for cattle which should improve pasture utilization and profit potential for the cattle operation,” said Patrick Davis Regional MU Extension Livestock Field Specialist.

“Also, profit potential can be improved by incorporation of forages and better cattle grazing management,” Davis said.

University of Missouri Extension will be providing a pasture and forage management workshop via internet on the evening of April 30. The workshop will be held via ZOOM at 6:00 p. m. MU Extension speakers and topics covered are as follows:

Jill Scheidt, MU Extension Regional Agronomy Field Specialist, will be discussing pasture weed control and improvement.

Patrick Davis, MU Extension Regional Livestock Field Specialist, will be discussing forage alternatives and cattle grazing management.

Cost of the workshop is $16 per person. Register by April 29 online at in order to attend. For questions or more information on the workshop, contact Davis at (417) 955-0287 or by email at

You may also find more information on how to improve your grasslands at

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