It is well known that Missouri does not have a basketball team. Years ago Kansas City had the Kings, but lost them to Sacramento. We do have Royals, Cardinals, Chiefs, Rams, Blues, Sporting Kansas City, and minor league teams. Still no basketball. So with the NBA Finals starting to come to a close with the biggest game scheduled for Tuesday, June 16th in Cleveland, who are you cheering for, and why?

If you find yourself looking to cheer for the team closest to the area, here is the math between Oakland and Cleveland; from Sedalia, Missouri to Cleveland Ohio = 743 miles; from Sedalia, Missouri to Oakland, California = 1888 miles. Proximity finds you must be cheering for Cleveland.

Maybe, you like the Cleveland Cavaliers because of former MVP, and two time NBA Finals champion Lebron James, maybe you dislike the Cavaliers because of Lebron James. You could be a fan of MVP Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors who is arguably the best shooter to ever play the game of basketball.

Whatever your reason is, we want to hear it! Who are you cheering for in the NBA Finals, and why?


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