Today on my way into work, I decided to drive through the fairgrounds just to see what has already been put up.  I saw some new food vendors that already have my mouth salivating, the Bud Tent is up, and even some carnival rides.  I stopped to talk for a bit and got filled in on something I'm extremely excited for that is all new this year at the fair.

Not only will the Missouri State Fair have new food, new bands, but now the fair will even have a new ride! A new zipline attraction will be at the Missouri State Fair this year. Get to the top, get harnessed in, and let it rip. The zipline will be a great adrenaline rush for those of you who love to hit the carnival and rides portion of the Missouri State Fair. Not to mention, you will be able to overlook the entire Fairgrounds and see the Fair in a way you never have before.

Will you be one of the fairgoers who zips down the new zipline attraction?