A week or so ago I had to stop by the Auto Zone in Warrensburg for a couple of things. On the way back home I drove by Warrensburg's old mule barn on North College Street and thought to myself, it's a shame no one's done anything with the building. It looks to me like it has a lot of character and potential to be something. I'm not the only one who thinks that, as a new business will be going into the space in 2024.

Andy Weldon, Cody Barrier, and Dillon Jarrett announced via their Facebook page that they're bringing a new brewery to Warrensburg and the historic "Mule Barn" at 101 N. College.

The group says they've reached an agreement with John Elkins and Connor Harrington to occupy the historic space and they expect to open Mule Barn Brewing Company sometime next summer.

Aside from acknowledging they have a lot of work to do in the next year, it looks like the trio's plans include brewing on-site, offering flights of their beers, and offering the types of food that might pair well with a variety of brews.

Area residents may not have to wait a year to sample Mule Barn Brewing Company's beers. The group is asking folks to like and follow their Facebook page to find what events Mule Barn Brewing Company will be offering their beer at over the next year.

While there isn't a shortage of places on Pine Street to grab a beer, it's nice to have what will be another choice. I'm looking forward to checking out the space, kicking back, and enjoying a beer or two there next summer. Maybe pair it with a pizza or a soft pretzel. What do you think?

You can keep up with Mule Barn Brewing at their Facebook Page here.

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