Drive it like you stole it! Not literally, but at the Nissan tent you are given the opportunity to test drive seven of the new 2013 vehicles. It's nice to be able to drool over a new car and drive it without the annoying car salesman breathing down your neck!

At the Nissan Event you will find many vehicles with great fuel efficiency, as well as my personal choice the 2013 Nissan Leaf. The Leaf is 100% electric and the the charger is completely solar powered.

Now to the one word in the English language everyone can relate to: FREE! When you test drive the 2013 Nissan Altima, you enter to win one at the end of the Nissan tour. If the Altima isn't your choice of vehicle to test drive, drive any other vehicle and you're registered to win $500 at the end of the fair. Also, when you test drive any vehicle you will receive a food voucher, good for a choice of three foods and a drink, altogether worth $8.

The Nissan Test Drive Event is located at the Northeast side of the Mathewson Exhibition Center.  They are here until Sunday and are open for test drives from Noon until 9 pm.

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