After watching the television show 'Killing Lincoln' last night, I can officially say I felt cheated. I believe the story, as well as the Kennedy assassination, have been exploited and over-analyzed for years, and people like me only watch shows about them in the hope that the author has gained some insight or uncovered some new fact that will add some interest to the subject.

I can say with certainty that the offering this time added nothing that anyone who has read a history book did not already know. The writer, Bill O’Reilly, did not have to go any further than the internet to gather the facts on the book which the television show was based.

The show set a record for viewership on the National Geographic channel, which confirms the public’s appetite for stories on Lincoln. I think it is too bad this one is a rehash of the same material we learned in the 5th grade.

Maybe Lincoln and Kennedy should rest in peace until someone more qualified than O’Reilly uncovers new facts about our late presidents.