Since I have arrived in Sedalia, I have been welcomed with warm smiles and generally friendly people.  I have had to enter several places, to shop for appliances, food, furniture, etc.  And I have heard this phrase on several occasions.

"Nobody Wants To Work"

I relocated here from Illinois, and I was living in Indiana until June of this year, where I was let go from a job, through no fault of my own.  And in radio, you may relocate often if the job presents itself.  I am happy to have ended up here, and grateful for the job opportunity.

There have been a fair amount of "Help Wanted" signs up in various establishments.  And I know first hand, that the service industry has been hit hard with trying to staff their businesses.  So is it true, that "nobody wants to work"?  The studies do not seem to back that up.

This pandemic has really shined a light on situations in the work force.  With many jobs having to adjust to working from home, and finding out that a fair amount of work CAN be done from home, and yes, the government stimulus money has been a factor.  Have some people found that collecting unemployment and the extra money they received was more than their salary...absolutely.  The Federal Aid helped out a lot of people, myself included.  But people seem willing to hold out for better benefits that they had not been getting from their employer.  As well as a fair wage.

Turns out, now that the stimulus money has stopped, and it did appear more Republican governors tried to cut it off sooner, that states would see people returning to work.  That seems to not be the case.  Click HERE for the article.

Missouri is one of many states that has not seen an growth in jobs since the Federal benefits have ended.  So why not?  It appears, people are no longer willing to work for what they deem to be lower pay, or simply want better benefits that allow for a balance from work and family.  Turns out also that employers might be overly selective on who is getting hired too.  Check out this story from Florida HERE

I truly believe if people are paid fairly, and get decent benefits, they will return to work. Some won't.  But I don't think people "don't want to work".  They just might not be willing to work at a job that underpays and doesn't value their employees.  What is your take?

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