A firefighter doing his part to help after a car accident wound up in handcuffs for his efforts -- and it was all caught on camera.

A fireman with California's Chula Vista Fire Department was placed under arrest Wednesday after he got into an argument with an officer with the California Highway Patrol about where to park fire trucks.

Both departments arrived on the scene after a car flipped over a divider. Firefighter Jacob Gregoir, 36, parked his truck behind an ambulance to protect rescue crews, which is standard practice.

However, the officer wanted all the trucks moved to clear the lane on the highway. Two firefighters did as they were told, but Gregoir said he had to speak with his captain, first. The cop elected to place Gregoir in handcuffs, while news camera were rolling.

Gregoire remained in the back of a police car for about an hour, in an incident that infuriated the fire chief, who said, "To detain one of our firefighters in the middle of an incident is ridiculous."

No charged were filed.

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