The Johnson County Historical Society is looking for volunteers to serve on the Old Drum Day Committee and help plan the event.

Old Drum Day, according to, is an annual event held the second Saturday in April on the original courthouse square of Warrensburg. The event features reenactments of the Old Drum Trial in the actual courthouse where it occurred, food and merchandise vendors, a dog show, a fair, classic car show, live music and more.

The committee meeting is scheduled for Sunday afternoon January 31 at 2:00PM CST in the Culp Bulding. That's behind the historic courthouse at Main Street and Market Street in Warrensburg. And the event is tentatively scheduled for Saturday April 10.

The Johnson County Museum Complex is a wonderful slightly hidden gem tucked back in a neighborhood a few blocks from Downtown Warrensburg. It's the old original courthouse square. And on a sunny, spring, warm April afternoon it's the perfect setting to enjoy some food, see a dog show, check out classic cars and hear the story of Old Drum and maybe learn a little about our community.

If you have an interest in the History of Johnson County, or an interest in Old Drum, or just like to plan events and parties I hope you'll consider getting involved in the planning for this event.

The Johnson county Historical Society says the only way the event will take place this year is if the community gets involved. The time to make that happen is this Sunday afternoon.

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