We've been having some fun in the office this week with an online Magic 8-Ball. It's just like a regular Magic 8-Ball, except that you click to get your answer, instead of shake. We asked the 8-Ball a bunch of questions about Sedalia earlier in the week, and today decided to see what the Ball had to say about Warrensburg.

Is the Warrensburg Police Department Missouri's funniest police department on Facebook?

You may rely on it.

Is there anyone in town that has never been asked about the Old Drum statue in front of the court house?

My sources say no.

Does anyone actually prefer the nickname "The Burg"?

Reply hazy. Try again.

Will there ever be anything as cool as Hastings in that old storefront?

Most likely.

Are the UCM Mules headed for a winning football season?

Most likely.

How about the Warrensburg Tigers?

Concentrate and ask again.

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