Students in Parkview Elementary School second grade teacher Megan Underwood's class took time Monday, Dec. 7, for an interactive lesson to prepare for their reading unit on Helen Keller.

To simulate blindness, one student wore a bandana that covered their eyes and their partner would use their finger to spell three-letter words on the hand of the blindfolded student, who would guess the word.

Next, to help understand the challenges of being deaf, one student would pantomime a word that their partner had to guess.

This week the students will read the story of Keller and her teacher, Anne Sullivan.
In the photos: Photo 1: Parkview Elementary second grade student Eric Benitez spells a word into the hand of his blindfolded partner, Robert Floyd, during an activity Monday, Dec. 7, to help the students understand the challenges that Helen Keller faced.

Photo 2: Teacher Megan Underwood ties a bandana on student Mercedes McKernon at the start of the activity. Bandana's Bar-B-Q donated the bandanas used by the students.

Photo 3: Adarian McGruder pantomimes playing a guitar for partner Yanzel Olmedo.

Photo 4: Teacher Megan Underwood explains the Helen Keller-inspired activity to her students. Underwood said the students enjoyed the lesson.

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