The United States has been talking more about the Ebola Outbreak in Africa and has had more increased awareness in the United States, since the first Ebola patient came to Dallas.

The Pettis County Coroner's Office and Sheriff's Office put together a seminar on Wednesday morning, informing first responders on how to deal with Ebola, should the virus appear in Pettis County.

While Ebola has been talked about a lot, JoAnn Martin of the Pettis County Health Center showed that more than 41,000 people have died of Ebola worldwide, with only one in the United States. Each year, according to the CDC, there are 35,000 people who die of influenza each year.

The bottom line to the seminar was to start a communication between law enforcement, fire department, first responders and health care workers about the need to get as much information from patients, who believe they may have Ebola.

The Centers for Disease Control information on Ebola changes daily and to be sure to look at the CDC for the latest.



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