First of all, how could somebody just dump a bunch of adorable puppies in a trash can? Seriously? What is wrong with people? Fortunately, for every (horrible monster of a) person who throws away puppies like they're garbage, there's a person who will rescue said puppies from the trash. 

This is what happened to a litter of tiny little puppies in Colorado, and now they're being fostered by the Cahills, a caring family, and mothered by a dog named Keyna, who is doing a great job despite never having puppies of her own.

The Cahills feed the puppies from droppers every three hours, and Keyna checks up on them before and after feedings to make sure they are warm enough. Currently the outlook for the puppies is good, and they will stay at their foster home until they are eight-weeks-old. Thank goodness for people like the Cahills -- and their pooch Keyna.

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