Whenever I see a lesser known act performing at a small venue, it's pretty rare that I think "This artist is going to be huge someday," but I was definitely thinking that after seeing Rachel Farley perform four shows in two days at the Missouri State Fair's Bud Tent.

I got the chance to talk with Rachel, and it's hard to believe that she's just 18 years old. She has an amazing voice, stage presence, and personality. I asked her how she got into music, and she jokingly replied that she was singing before she was even born; you could hold a microphone to her Mom's stomach and hear her performing.

She's from the Atlanta area but plays shows all over the country, and has even performed at the Grand Ole Opry. She's currently with Red Bow records, and has a new single coming out in September. Her song "Ain't Easy" can be heard on Better Country KIX 105.7.

Finally, she wanted to let everyone know that she really loves the Pork Butt at the Missouri State Fair.

Rachel and her band were great, and I look forward to meeting them again soon. I think she's someone we'll be hearing a lot from in the very near future.

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