Sgt. Kelley Casto is one of two Sedalia Police Department officers who are leaving the force after several years of service to the City of Sedalia.

At Monday night's city Council meeting, Sgt. Casto and Officer Stephanie Davis were both recognized by Mayor Pro Tem Don Meier. Casto has served for 17 years, while Davis has served 22 years, 11 months.

Casto has already moved on to his new career as an armed resource officer for Sedalia School District 200.

“I seen the opportunity they were looking for an armed security (officer) out at the high school (Smith-Cotton) to replace somebody who was retiring, so I thought this would be a good time to go ahead and retire, move on and do something else,” Casto commented after the meeting at the Municipal Building, Second and Osage.

Casto admitted he will miss several aspects of his former job.

“Oh absolutely, you know I spent 17 years with these guys and it's going to be tough going away and not being around, being on the streets. This organization's got a great bunch of people. The chief, I know, took over a few months ago, I know he's got them in the right direction. Everybody is looking forward to doing some good things down here and I'm going to miss being a part of that,” Casto said.

The former police officer will be employed by the school district nine months of the year and have summers off, Casto explained with a smile..

City employees recognized for their longevity of service included Arlene Silvey, 45 years in the City Clerk's Office; Jeremy Roberts, 10 years as an equipment operator; Jilene Steit, administrative assistant with Community Development for five years; and Joe Smith, five years as an equipment operator. Silvey was the only one present for the service award presentations.

In other Council news:

The purchase of a 2019 Dodge Charger from Bryant Motors at a cost of $25,696 was approved.

A budget amendment for fiscal year 2018-19 was approved to allow funds to come through and pay for the cost of hosting the Missouri Preservation Conference in downtown Sedalia. City Administrator Kelvin Shaw noted that the agreement had zero impact on the city's budget, because it involved reimbursement funds from the State.

The City will apply for a VolkswagenTrust Fund Grant to help pay for roughly half of the cost of $400,000 worth of dump trucks. A total of five of the city's currrent trucks are eligible for the program, Shaw said. The fund was a result of a settlement Volkswagen reached after getting caught modifying test equipment that showed false results in emission standards tests.

Council approved the use of a new system to allow processing of credit cards commonly used in the air traffic industry, referred to as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. The cost is similar and over time would be less than the current system being used by Sedalia Reginoal Airport. The Fly-In will also be a good opportunity to showcase recent improvements to the apron at the airport.

A plan to organize a Fly-In at Sedalia Regional Airport this fall is being put together that will utilize sponsorship funds instead of City funds. The estimated cost is around $1,550 and is substantially less than the roughly $6,000 cost of hosting an air show at the airport.

The City has granted an easement to Empire District Gas Company across a city right-of-way to provide utilities to residents on the other side of the roadway.

A better design to increase the capacity of a santitary sewer water lift station near Menard's was approved. The agreement is with Maxion Wheels for oproperty at 3610 West Main.

Council approved an ordinance closing a portion of West 5th Street for a “Wine and Brews on the Avenues” event, planned for Sept. 29. Numerous breweries around Missouri have been obtaining liquor licenses for weeks ahead of the event.

Council approved the purchase of a new commerical grade washing machine for the City's animal shelter at a cost of $726.

In the good and welfare portion of Monday night's meeting, citizen Frank Dick approached the Council about a nuicance complaint at 121 E. 32nd and in the 1400 block of West Third. Dick and another resident complained about abandoned vehicles, tall grass, and various animals such as groundhogs, skunks, racoons and snakes on the properties.

Mayor Pro Tem Meier replied that “we're working on it.”

Council then adjourned to closed session after a reception was held in the lobby for Casto and Davis.


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