There is nothing like a rivalry  that happens,  sports fans thrive on it, whether it be the Harvard vs Yale,  North Carolina vs Duke, Michigan vs Ohio State, Missouri vs Kansas, or whatever.   Those examples are fine examples of some of the biggest national ones and one is jeopardy of not happening next year, saddly it concerns the MU/KU games.   I hear my favorite sport of hockey, may just be the only sport to continue that one next year.  But I am not going to go in that direction with this post, as area high schools take center stage today.    The Warrensburg Tigers take on the Smith Cotton Tigers at UCM tonight at 7pm.   While it may not have the attention such as what happens during football season,  baseball goes on.  Our very own Denny Perkins even says these teams could play chess and the competition will be there.   Merriam defines a rivalry as the act of rivaling : the state of being a rival : competition.    I like the last part first,  competition,  good luck to those playing tonight and now for the shameless plug, you can listen for Kaleb Filis bring you the play by play here: I leave you with a question, what is your favorite area rivalry?

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