I may be going out a limb, but I am willing to bet that many of us have had a little road rage from time to time. 

Witnessing drivers who aren't paying attention, driving too slow in the left lane, or just don't seem to care about what is going on around us.  Getting behind the wheel of a car is a big responsibility and we need to be responsible.  Unfortunately, our state apparently can be pretty confrontational.

Forbes conducted a survey on Road Rage.  They included 5000 drivers and 100 from every state.  Not a huge amount, but enough to gauge some patterns.  Each state was scored on 10 factors:

  • Bumped, rammed into or otherwise damaged my car on purpose: 15% of score
  • Followed me then got out of their vehicle to yell at or fight with me: 15% of score
  • Forced my car off the road: 15% of score
  • Pointed a gun at me or shot at me: 15% of score
  • Cut me off on purpose: 10% of score
  • Exceeded the speed limit to block my car from changing lanes: 10% of score
  • Honked at me in frustration: 5% of score
  • Made rude or offensive gestures at me: 5% of score
  • Tailgated my car: 5% of score
  • Yelled at me, insulted me, cursed at me or made threats: 5% of score

Of the 50 states, somehow the state of Utah finished in first place, with 27% of drivers saying they knew someone who was injured in a road rage incident.  Missouri finished 2nd.  Guess the Show Me State has a fair amount of confrontational drivers.

You can click HERE for the Forbes article as it goes into more detail as to how they arrived at this conclusion.  Do you agree or disagree with their finding? Either way, please drive safe out there.

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