An extremely scary moment took place during the Kansas City Royals spring training game Wednesday night (March 19). Royals catcher Salvador Perez blasted a 110 MPH line drive directly back to the mound, crashing into the face of Cincinnati Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman.

Chapman collapsed immediately and blood quickly began pooling around his head. He was taken off the field on a stretcher and spent the night in a hospital where tests show he suffered fractures above his left eye and nose. It remains to be seen just how damaging the injury is, but Chapman's teammate Brandon Philips tweeted that Chapman was doing better and smiling in the hospital.

Both teams agreed to cancel the game after the incident since none of the players or umpires wanted to continue after such a terrible event. Salvador Perez, the man who hit the line drive, appeared to feel terrible about the accident. He put his hands on his head as he ran to first base and then immediately rushed to the mound to check on Chapman. He was crying as he left the field, and declined to speak with the media after the game.

Watch the video of the scary incident below.

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