Halloween is less than a week away and for many it can't get here soon enough. The candy is bought, the costumes are put together and the evening is planned. Here's some things to do or not to do Halloween night.

According to doyouremember.com, there is a certain protocol to follow for a fun Halloween for everyone. These are intended to make your night more fun and to not hurt anyone along the way.

  1. When a trick-or-treater comes to the door in their costume, don't try to guess what they are, ask them instead. For some that have spent a lot of time coming up with their outfit for the evening, you assuming what you think it is, and it not being right, may crush them.
  2. Don't wear an offensive costume. Now, if you're going to be around adults for the evening this may not come into play, but if you're around the kids throughout the night, it might be best to re-think what you'll be wearing.
  3. Don't wear something that you'll regret later. In other words with social media, and the availability to throw pictures on the internet at any time, ask yourself, "Would I want my parents or my boss to see this?"
  4. Maybe one of the biggest pluses for Halloween is to teach your kids manners. Please and thank you never go out of style. And let the kids know it's not okay to grab a handful of candy when given the opportunity. One or two pieces is fine.

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