The Smith-Cotton High School Math Team placed second in the large school division Saturday, Feb. 4, at the Father Tolton Math Relays in Columbia.

Sedalia School District 200
Sedalia School District 200

S-C’s Edward Toderescu finished third overall among sophomores in Division II, while David Cho was second among juniors and Sarah Bergman was second among seniors.

Bergman took first in Logarithms & Exponents, with teammate Aly Shaw finishing in fifth place; Toderescu was first in Word Problems with Vladislav Husyev taking eighth place; and Cho took first in Algebra 11 with Val Toderescu finishing in third and Makenna Steger in eighth.

In the team competitions, S-C took second among freshmen (Jacob Acklin and Cailiosa Dempsey) and juniors (Makenna Steger and Val Toderescu), and third among sophomores (Maria Aonzo, Edward Toderescu and Valentyna Usyk), seniors (Sarah Bergman, Aly Shaw, Andriy Usyk and Nathan White) and in the mixed team category (Camden Gear, Vladislav Husyev, David Cho, and Mikhail Husyev).

Other individual awards:

Probability and Statistics: Andriy Usyk, second; Nathan White, third; Mikhail Husyev, fifth

Trigonometry: Sarah Bergman, second; Robert Martin, fifth; Aly Shaw, 10th

Geometry 10: Edward Toderescu, second; Vladislav Husyev, fifth; Valentyna Usyk, eighth

Manual Computation 10: Edward Toderescu, second; Vladislav Husyev, sixth; Valentyna Usyk, eighth

Algebra 10: Vladislav Husyev, second; Edward Toderescu, third; Maria Aonzo, fifth; Valentyna Usyk, 10th

Algebra 9: Jacob Acklin, third; Camden Gear, eighth

Word Problems 11: David Cho, third; Makenna Steger, seventh; Val Toderescu, eighth

ACT Like Questions: Robert Martin, fourth

Manual Computation 11: David Cho, fourth; Val Toderescu, seventh

Geometry 11: David Cho, fourth; Val Toderescu, fifth; Makenna Steger, sixth

Geometry 9: Jacob Acklin, fifth; Camden Gear, ninth

Word Problems 9: Jacob Acklin, fifth

Math in Science: Mikhail Husyev, sixth; Nathan White, eighth; Andriy Usyk, 10th

Manual Computation 9: Jacob Acklin, seventh

Calculus/Advanced Topics: Aly Shaw, eighth; Mikhail Husyev, 10th

PreCalculus: Nathan White, eighth; Ashley Grotzinger, ninth; Andriy Usyk, 10th

Word Problems 12: Sarah Bergman, 10th

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