The staff of Smith-Cotton High School’s yearbook, Archives, has been awarded the Jostens 2022 National Yearbook Program of Excellence award at the Bronze Level.

According to Jostens, the National Yearbook Program of Excellence recognizes “engaging yearbooks that reflect a broad representation of the student body while helping students develop 21st-century skills such as communication, collaboration, and information and communication technologies (ICT) literacy."

The S-C yearbook staff was led by Jessalynn Ladd, Noemi Felipe, Dominic Torok, Keyara Jamison, Lizbeth Sebastian, Courtney Balke, Mercedes Baker, Salihah Walters,
Tayler Carnes, and Nikolas Geotz, under the direction of S-C yearbook adviser Justin

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Furnell said: “This small but mighty team pulled off an amazing job this year. They worked hard, put in long hours, learned many strategies for teambuilding, and most importantly had fun through the whole process."

Jostens’ National Yearbook Program of Excellence Awards are presented twice a year, in spring and in fall based on the yearbook’s arrival date at the school. The award
was presented to the Smith-Cotton High School yearbook program for achieving defined criteria in between one and three of the following categories: creating an inclusive yearbook, generating school engagement, and successfully managing the yearbook creation process.

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