Sedalia 200 instrumental music teacher Andrew Fischer is the recipient of the Superintendent’s Bell Ringer Award for April.

The monthly award is a way for Superintendent Steve Triplett to honor Sedalia 200 staff members who put the district’s mission statement into action and those who display exemplary effort in celebrating student success. Winners are selected from nominations made by staff members and administrators.

The nominator for Fischer, who is based at Smith-Cotton Junior High, wrote: “Mr. Fischer consistently makes educational and organizational decisions by placing student success at the forefront. He recognizes the importance of building authentic relationships with students and prioritizes that in and out of the classroom. In addition to providing our high school band students with a challenging but welcoming class atmosphere, Mr. Fischer was instrumental (pun intended) in crafting a plan to make sure we were addressing the needs of all our junior high instrumental music students.

“Mr. Fischer created and implemented a small group lesson schedule which has allowed every student in 6th grade orchestra, 6th grade band, and 7th grade band to receive instruction in groups of no more than four at least once a week. These small group lessons have amplified the success the students were already seeing in the large ensemble setting.” Triplett said, “Mr. Fischer has been a welcome addition to our instrumental music department this year. He has connected with students and raised the bar on musicianship for them. Arts education is integral to building well-rounded students, so it is important to have teachers like Mr. Fischer fostering an appreciation for music across the district.”

Other nominees for April were: Laura Peck, Toni Patterson, Roxie Petterson and Cassandra Hufford, Parkview Elementary; Pam Moon, Central Office; Nicole Silvey, Sedalia Middle School; Kellie Eichler and Emilee Edgar, Horace Mann Elementary; Tessa Childers, Smith-Cotton High School; Lisa Young and Gene Smith, Smith-Cotton Junior High; Heather Gahring, Skyline Elementary; and Monica Hudson and Ali Burkholder, Heber Hunt Elementary.

In the photo: Sedalia School District 200 Superintendent Steve Triplett, left, presents instrumental music teacher Andrew Fischer with the Superintendents’ Bell Ringer Award on Tuesday, May 17, at Smith-Cotton High School

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