Monday night was a big night of personal records (PR) set by Sacred Heart Swimmers at Central High School in Kansas City, according to head swim coach Patti Hegger.

Arly Ponce started the individual PRs, shaving two seconds from her 200 freestyle, placing 12th out of 64 racers.  Arly placed 16th out of 59th in the 100 breaststroke.

Kate Carney set the next PR in the 50 freestyle, placing 16th out of 96, and placing 12th out of 80 in the 100 freestyle.

Allie Ferguson set two personal records, first in the 200 Individual Medley, cutting three seconds from her time and placing 16th out of 36th.  Allie came back in the 100 backstroke and PR’d, cutting 2.5 seconds from her fastest time, and placing 15th out of 72 swimmers.

Maia Smith PR’d in the 50 freestyle, and Kelsey Hudson PR’d twice -- in the 50 freestyle, then in the 500 free, cutting an amazing 13 seconds off her last race.

Arly, Kate and Allie placed well enough in their individual preliminary races to return Tuesday night to Center High School and swim in the finals of the Interscholastic League Championship.

“What an amazing placement at our first championship races,” coach Hegger commented.


Allie Ferguson, Arly Ponce and Kate Carney earned the chance to return to Center High School in Kansas City Tuesday Night and fight for better placement in the top 16 in their individual races in the Interscholastic League Championships.

Kate Carney started the night, moving up from 16th to 15th place in the 50 Freestyle, a race with 96 racers from 14 schools.

Allie Ferguson increased her placement and earned personal records in both her races.  Allie moved from 16th to 14th place in the 200 Individual Medley, a race with 36 swimmers.  Allie jumped from 15th to 14th in the 100 Backstroke, a race originally with 72 swimmers.

Arly Ponce earned a Personal Record, cutting four seconds off her 200 freestyle and moved from 12th to 11th place from 64 swimmers.

“What a great way to end our first season,” exclaimed head coach Patti Hegger.

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