The Salvation Army works very hard for the people of Sedalia and Pettis County.  They provide food, clothing, shelter, and some good old fashioned company for folks who are going through a rough time.  They thrive and live on volunteers and their kind hearts.  They give their time to a larger cause, and do it willingly every day. That's why the Salvation Army wanted to take a second and thank those great volunteers who can give as much as eighty hours a week.  They wanted to just get everyone together, play some games, give some prizes, and thank these people for all the great work they've done - even if most of them don't want to be thanked.  I got invited to go, and took some photos while I was there.

They played some great games, too - including this one where you had to shake your thing for a little bit!

All in all, it was a wonderful time with amazing people.  We had some great burgers, salads, drinks and sweets. Everybody talked and just had a great time.  Not even the rain and the change of location from the Liberty Park to the Army Offices could throw anyone off.  These volunteers showed they've got what it takes, and the Salvation Army thanked them wonderfully.

Thankfully yours,