It may not be a topic that people want to discuss, but school shootings still are happening throughout the country. 

Depending on what side of the political aisle you are on, you can look at this in one of two ways.  Remove assault weapons and the shootings will go down, or invest more in figuring out why the shooters are doing what they are doing.

One Missouri company doesn't take a stand either way, but if they happen, they are making products that may save lives of the children in the classroom.  That company is Executive Wood Products based in Sullivan Missouri.  They make bulletproof furniture for schools, businesses, and government offices.  Here is what their website says:

Since 1982, the people who are at Executive Wood Products have taken great pride in the unique designs, unmatched quality, and cutting edge innovations that are the essence of the highest quality lecterns, podiums and pulpit furniture available. We have successfully accomplished this, along with the most competitive prices, through a multifaceted approach of value for excellent products.
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Paul Alexander is the founder and President of the company.  At his factory, crews began the process of detailing the whiteboards with a wooden, decorative frame.  You can watch the video above for context.

These whiteboards are supposed to be easy to move and are bulletproof against handguns – 40-caliber, 9mm, 380, 357, 22, and assault rifles – AK-47, AR-15. When the projectile goes in, the cushiony tack material will absorb it. So, when it goes in, it hits the steel. The steel stops the projectile, or the bullet.  You can get more info HERE.

It is disappointing that this is what our world has come to, but if creating these products can potentially save lives if another shooting happens, and will also do the job that a teacher needs it to do, it can't be that bad of an idea.

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