The Sedalia 200 School Board met in regular session Monday night at Washington Elementary School to approve a new student adviser position to the board.

The student adviser position would be a sophomore or junior in high school. Freshman and sophomore students interested in the position would have to be voted on, by other Smith-Cotton High School students, to serve during their sophomore or junior years.

The student adviser will be a non-voting position on the board of education. The adviser will serve from August till May and will act as a liaison between the Sedalia 200 Board and district students.

The Board also heard a presentation about the Great Kindness Challenge that Washington students have been taking part in for the last three years.

The program started in San Diego, CA several years ago, but has since become a nationwide endeavor.

Washington Elementary students take part in the challenge for one week every January. The goal of the challenge is to perform as many acts of kindness as possible. From a simple smile to standing-up to help someone in need, students said they were grateful that Washington Elementary School is taking part in the challenge. Board members watched a short video about the Great Kindness Challenge that showed Washington Elementary students performing acts of kindness.

Two students passed out thank-you notes to Sedalia 200 Superintendent Brad Pollitt and board members. Pollitt said he reads every thank-you note he receives from the students and always looks forward to them.

Towards the end of the meeting, the school board voiced support for Technical Education Programs at State Fair Community College, including the bond issue that will appear on the April 4 ballot. Members added, that those programs provide more opportunities for students and help to prepare them for college.

Ryan Skaith
Ryan Skaith

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