The Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education completes
assessment processes for districts’ special education programs to ensure that local
agencies are offering compliant programs in meeting all federal and state guidelines.

Based upon that review, Sedalia School District 200 has been informed by DESE that the district’s special education program is in 100 percent compliance with all state and
federal regulations and no corrective actions are required.

Assistant Superintendent Chris Pyle, who oversees special education, said that
Julie Harris from the Regional Professional Development Center stated that 100 percent
compliance is unheard of in a district of Sedalia 200’s size, especially for the past two
assessment cycles.

The evaluation includes as

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sessment of student needs, educational evaluations,
individual education plans (IEPs) and goals, transition services, student progress and
input from families, among other factors.

In their evaluation, one family wrote, “Our son's IEP team makes sure he is
successful while at school. I appreciate that the team includes my family in the process."

Pyle expressed his appreciation for the entire special education and administrative
team for their work with students with special needs.

“We have a team in place that truly cares and they work with each student and
family with commitment to their success,” Pyle said. “On top of the daily educational
processes, special education programs have a significant procedural paperwork load that can be challenging. The DESE compliance review digs into all of those procedural
expectations in an effort to ensure local agencies meet expected guidelines. Thank you
again to our entire team from those in leadership positions, to teachers and our
paraprofessionals for this achievement."

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