The Sedalia City Council approved several Public Works purchases and heard two presentations Monday night in under 30 minutes.

Director of Finance Dawn Jennings provided a financial update for Council.

With the heavy-duty effects of COVID-19 looming large, sales tax figures from May show that “we're not out of the woods yet,” Jennings said.

In her presentation, Downtown Specialist Raeanne Spears requested authorization to submit a grant to Missouri Main Street Connection to secure funding for downtown Sedalia. The 75/25 grant will total $38,400, with MMSC providing $28,800 and the City of Sedalia providing $9,600.

“This is the jump start that we desperately need,” Spears told the Council. “This will take us to the next level.”

Council approved the request unanimously.

Council also approved a lease agreement with Foley Equipment Company for a 2020 Caterpillar wheel loader for Water Pollution Control at the City's compost facility. The cost is $27,524.67. The loader is valued at $182,390.

Council approved the purchase of six 16-inch gate valves for a 2018 Water Improvement Contract #4 at a cost of $25,770. Each gate valve costs $4,295. The vendor is Water & Sewer Supply, Inc.

Council approved $2,500 in engineering services from Broadfoot Engineering, LLC (Sedalia) to design a sewer main extension at 28th and Ohio.

The engineer's estimate of the total cost of the project is $33,000, of which $10,500 will be paid by the property owner desiring service, and with the City paying the balance of $22,500.

Council approved an agreement with Wilson and Company for professional survey and engineering services for the replacement of certain water lines at nine locations (totaling 11,000 feet) within the City at a cost of $146,600.

Public Works Director Brenda Ardrey spoke the Council, saying “we started tracking all the broken and seeping water mains. So this represents those lines that have had repeated failures since 2018. Over time, the cost of labor and additional equipment are now more than simply replacing the whole line, instead of patching those lines,” she said.

Council approved the purchase of $3,690 in software for SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) with Mission Communications, LLC (Norcross, Georgia). The software is utilized by the Water Pollution Control Department's SCADA System.

The SCADA system provides alerts when one or more of the City's lift stations experience failure. The software is proprietary, it was noted. The agreement is for a one-year contract extension.

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