A brief promotion ceremony topped off Monday night's events at the Sedalia City Council meeting.

Sedalia Fire Chief Greg Harrell promoted Firefighter Dicely to Driver Dicely. His wife pinned his new badge on him, as SFD tradition dictates.

The event was attended by other Sedalia firefighters and family members.

Chief Harrell said the testing that took place last week was a three-day process that includes an interview, driving on the streets, reading of maps and other tasks.

Dicely was the top scorer out of five candidates for the position.

Immediately after the promotion, Councilwoman Megan Page read aloud a lengthy letter from Capt. Greg Smith of the SFD (C-shift) praising the E1 crew (driver Cory Rettke, firefighters Colby Snapp and Alex Razumovsky, and Capt. Smith) for taking care of a homeless family that was reportedly living in a truck in Liberty Park on Sept. 25.

SPD Officer AJ Silvey responded to the call initially and found there were four young children living with their parents in a truck. The family was en route to Michgan to live with relatives. Ofc. Silvey called the SFD to see if they could install car seats in the vehicle, which they did.

Ofc. Silvey secured a gas voucher from Open Door Ministry for the family and E1 accompanied them to Woods Express to use the voucher. Silvey also gave the family cash out of his own pocket, the letter said. The E1 crew also went to Dollar General to purchase needed items for the family, items such as breakfast, snacks, fruit, water, juice boxes, soda, baby wipes and some restaurant gift cards.

“I couldn't be more proud of our public servants and how they stepped up without being asked to do so,” said Capt. Smith in the letter that was sent to the higher-ups at SFD. “ This exemplifies the type of people we have working for our city and I just wanted to pass this along as I'm sure you will be proud as well.”

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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