As you may know, the Sedalia Parks and Recreation do a lot here for our local kids. They offer all sorts of programs, activities and education opportunities for all sorts of interests. And it's not just for school age kids, either.  It's for the youngest of kids to the most mature adults.
The Parks and Recreation department are trying some new activities this year, like their Candy Cane Hunt, an event in Liberty Park where kids can win prizes and have a good chance to run around and have fun.  The littlest kids still have the Tiny Tots program, and the adults can still get a team together for Adult Volleyball.  Plus, the department is in good with the man himself, Santa Claus.

Here's Kari Tyler with the Sedalia Parks and Recreation, who came in to tell us about the details!

If you need more information on any events or upcoming programs, you can stop by the office at 1500 W. 3rd Street (they're open 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), visit their website, or call them at 660-826-4930.

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