The Sedalia Parks Board gathered in the lobby of the Heckart Community Center for their monthly meeting Thursday, followed by a half-hour tour of the under-construction facility.

The 10-minute meeting was led by Sedalia Parks & Rec Director Amy Epple and Board President Jerry Case.

Parks & Rec's budget currently shows a negative balance of $282,649, which reflects the cost of the new train house at Liberty Park, it was noted.

Epple said that 78 percent of her time on duty is being spent at the Heckart Center, and the rest concerns budget work for next year.

Under new business, the board approved the purchase of a truck from Rick Ball Ford in the amount of $41,853.88.

Following that was a series of policy updates approved by the board. Those policies involved:

*The Heckart Center will not be open on Easter Sunday.
*Additional children living in the home can be added to the Center's membership fees for $10 more per month, or $100 per year per additional child.
*Adding a child to the membership is allowed for an additional fee.
*Shelter rental prices will increase $5 per year for the next five years. For instance, a large shelter fee will increase from $30 this year, to $35 in 2022. A medium shelter fee will increase from $25 to $30. A small shelter fee will increase from $20 to $25. Hubbard Shelter #1 will increase from $75 to $80 next year. There is a damage deposit of $50. Renters can use the shelter all day long, Epple noted.
*Rates for using the aquatic center at the Heckart were established.
*Rules for using the Fitness Center at the Heckart were established.
*Rental policies for the Heckart Center were established.
*A cancellation and refund policy for all parks in Sedalia was established across the board. “We've never had a policy before,” Epple told the board.

Opening day for the Heckart is expected to take place in late March.

“I want everybody in the community to come on opening day. I'm going to sit back and let them enjoy it, and be in awe of this,” commented Sedalia Mayor John Kehde after the tour Thursday night. “Amy and the (Park) Board have done a phenomenal job.”

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