Spring is finally here! With warmer weather, we see a lot more people out and about.  Families and loved ones can enjoy taking walks, having picnics, playing outdoor games, or organizing barbecues. Parks are great places to assemble, especially if there are a lot of people expected to attend.

We ladies always love the parks for gatherings because our own houses  stay clean and we can choose to leave the group if we tire or when we’re ready to have some alone time. This allows everyone who is still in the mood for fun to stay as long as they wish, but leaving no one obligated to entertain the entire day or night. If you’re from the Sedalia area, odds are, you know there are several parks to choose from for those meet and greets. For those of us who are new to the area, we want to know which park is your favorite?

I realize that Sedalia natives will most likely venture out to whichever park is closest to where they live, but having seven parks, all in one city, sounds enticing to a girl who’s from a small town of 4,000. So, how do you choose which park you would like to spend time in when planning a day of leisurely activities?

Randy Kirby

From what I’ve been able to learn, different parks in Sedalia offer you a different variety of conveniences. If you’re looking for history, a venue, stadium or want to allow the kids to take a scaled train ride, check out Liberty Park. Are you into baseball? Hubbard or Housel is where you’re most likely to find people with the same tastes. If you’d like to take a crack at catching some fish, Liberty or Clover Dell Park is where you can find a place to drop a line. For those of you who are looking for a paved walking trail or have skaters in the family, Katy Park would best suit your needs.

Now, this may be my favorite, but if you’re a dog lover and would like to take Fido to a place that is canine-friendly, there’s a dog park at Clover Dell. For the swimmers who reside in Sedalia, Liberty and Centennial contain public swimming pools.  The choice of a park is totally up to you.

For a complete description of Sedalia Parks, you can visit Sedalia Parks and Recreations  Department.