There have been many cases of broken windows to homes, businesses, and vehicles in the last week and Sedalia Police continue to receive reports of them. A man in the 2300 Block of Kay Avenue reported that someone broke the rear window of his car between 7pm on May 31st and 6:25 yesterday morning. Denny's at 2401 West Broadway reported that someone damaged a window on the east side of the business between 5 p.m. On May 31  and 6:15 yesterday morning. Sedalia Food & Vending at 2312 West Main reported that the van had a passenger side rear window damaged. A woman in the 1300 Block of South Arlington reported the trunk lid of her car was dented, probably by someone using a slingshot to throw pennies at the car. A man reported that his vehicle was damaged in the 2900 Block of West Broadway on May 30 or 31. A man in the 2500 Block of East 12th reported the storm door on his front door was damaged between Noon and 2:07 yesterday afternoon. A woman in the 1700 Block of East 5th reported someone damaged a window on the east side of the home, possibly done by somebody with a slingshot propelling quarters. A man in the 1200 Block of South Arlington reported that someone broke the driver's side front window out of his car between 10 p.m. On May 31  and 6:30 yesterday morning. A man in the 2200 Block of West 3rd reported that someone shot out his window to his car. A man in the 900 Block of South Marshall reported that a window to his vehicle was shot out by an unknown object. A woman in the 1600 Block of West 11th reported a window broken, possibly shot out.

A man from Marshall reported to Sedalia Police that somebody keyed their driver side of his trunk yesterday whle in Sedalia.

Sedalia Police are investigating an assault that happened at Quincy Apartments Thursday evening. A woman says that she was punched three to four times during the incident.

A man in the 300 Block of West 11th reported to Sedalia Police that someone dumped trash on his property between May 26  and May 29. Another man in the area of Washington and St. Louis reported that sometime since May 29,  trash was dumped on the southside of the lot, in a treeline.

Sedalia Police arrested Kellie Jessup for a failure to appear out of Benton County, bond set at $500 cash.

Sedalia Police arrested Douglas Shoemaker for driving while suspended.