January 15 is the final day for interested parties to put their name on the ballot for the Sedalia School Board. One name that will not be on the upcoming ballot is current board member Stan Bowlin.  Bowlin announced after the Sedalia School Board Meeting on Jan. 14 that he will not run again and removed his name from the ballot, since he will be involved with an investigations business that will conflict with future involvement with the Sedalia School Board decisions.

Bowlin has served on the Sedalia School Board for 15 years and says that he is proud of his time on the board, and reflected on why he ran in the first place. “I am very proud and honored to have served the school board in my son's memory," Bowlin said.  He passed away very unexpectedly the day after Thanksgiving in 1997.  I vowed in his memory to fairly and equally do everything I could for every student in the school district to help them obtain the very best education possible. I am proud to say I never veered off of that path.”

In addition to his school board duties, Bowlin served eight years on the Missouri School Board's Association (MSBA) Committees. His emphasis was on MSBA Education Legislative Policy Committee. In 2002, Bowlin obtained the Master School Board Member Certification, becoming the only board member in the history of the Sedalia School District to obtain this certification.

“I am extremely proud of all of the students have passed through the doors of all of our schools and equally as proud of all of our teachers and staff for doing their part in making our students a successful part of our society," said Bowlin. "Our school district has grown and improved as a result of the joint efforts of everyone involved.  I appreciate very much everyone's efforts, and I appreciate all of those people that supported me and trusted my vote in regards to their children's education."

While Bowlin will not serve as Sedalia School District Board member, he says he plans to continue to support and work on education issues in ways to educate the children of our community.

As of press time, Incumbant David Wolf and Sedalia School District Foundation Alumni Committee Chair Diana Nichols had filed for the Sedalia School Board.

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