The 2016 Scott Joplin International Ragtime Festival starts Wednesday at the SFCC Stauffacher Center and continues in downtown Sedalia Thursday through Saturday. There are numerous free events throughout the music festival, but also several excellent paid venue concerts to choose from as well:

2016 Concert Schedule

Wednesday, June 1:
Kick Off Concert, 2 p.m.  State Fair Community College, $20 Brian Holland, Emcee
Featuring:  Brian Holland, Dave Majchrzak, Bill Edwards, Carl Sonny Leyland, Daniel Souvigny, Frederick Hodges.
The Entertainer, 8 p.m.   State Fair Community College, $30, Adam Swanson, Emcee
Featuring:  Sebastien Troendle, Adam Swanson, Frank LiVolsi, Sue Keller, Paul Asaro, Jazzou Jones.

Thursday, June 2:
Symposium:  Ragtime Legends 10 a.m.,  $10
Featuring:  Legends Panel Discussion featuring Max Morath, David Reffkin, and Terry Waldo, Richard Zimmerman.
Ragtime Revelations, 2 p.m., $20, Martin Spitznagel, Emcee
Featuring: Tom Brier, William McNally, Martin Spitznagel, Jack Rummel, Jeff Barnhart, John Reed-Torres.
Easy Winners, 8 p.m.,  $30 Max Morath emcee
Featuring: Terry Waldo, Donald Ryan, Carl Sonny Leyland, Barnhart & Holland, Paul Asaro, Richard Dowling, David Reffkin.

Friday, June 3:
Symposia ($10 for the day):  9:00 a.m.  Blind Boone by John Reed-Torres
10:00 a.m.  Stark’s Other Rags by Richard Zimmerman
11:00 a.m.  Living a Ragtime Life by Max Morath

Pleasant Moments, 2 p.m., $20, Donald Ryan, Emcee
Featuring:  Donald Ryan, Sebastien Troendle, Johm Remmers, Frederick Hodges, Jazzou Jones.
Maple Leaf Tea Dance, 4 p.m. $10, Featuring the Ragtime Rascals
Cradle of Ragtime, 8 p.m, $30, Jack Rummel, Emcee
Featuring: Richard Zimmerman, Jack Rummel, Bryan Wright, Tom Brier, William McNally, Adam Swanson.

Saturday, June 4:
Symposia ($10 for the day):
10:00 a.m.  Publishers of Ragtime-The Necessary Evil by Bill Edwards
A look at the process and pitfalls of the rapidly-growing field of music publishing during the ragtime era, including the origins of Tin Pan Alley, self-publishing, a few select firms, and heroes and zeroes. Colorful and musical to say the least.

11:00 a.m.  Brun Campbell, The Barber of Civility by David Reffkin and Larry Karp
Through a wonderful and rare collaboration, author Larry Karp literally wrote the book, and musician, David Reffkin set the record straight on the elusive Brun Campbell.  This is a unique working relationship in ragtime history: their research reconstructed Brun’s hidden life and undiscovered music, resulting in high-quality reference works as companion publications.  In this one session you will have theunique opportunity to hear from both historians as they describe their creation of a modern literary and sound archive of “The Ragtime Kid.”  It’s a story of luck, persistence, cooperation, and in the character of Brun himself, great storytelling and music-making.

Legacy of Joplin, 2 p.m. $20, David Reffkin, Emcee
Featuring:  Dave Majchrzak, David Reffkin, Martin Spitznagel, Sue Keller, Bill Edwards, Bryan Wright.
Ragtime Music Hall, 8 p.m. $32, Brian Holland, Emcee
Featuring:  Paul Asaro, Jeff Barnhart, Tom Brier, Richard Dowling, Bill Edwards, Frederick Hodges, Brian Holland, Jazzou Jones, Sue Keller, Carl Sonny Leyland, Frank LiVolsi, Dave Majchrzak, William McNally, John Reed-Torres, David Reffkin, John Remmers, Jack Rummel, Donald Ryan, Daniel Souvigney,  Martin Spitznagel, Adam Swanson, Sebastien Troendle, Bryan Wright.

Brian Holland is the Artistic Director and Bill Edwards is the Symposia Director for the 2016 festival.

The Ragtime Archives Project of the Sedalia Heritage Foundation will be making a video of the Thursday morning Legends Panel. It will include interviews with visitors and performers involved in the first festivals held in 1975 and 1975.

For more information, visit the Joplin Foundation headquarters located at Liberty Center, 111 W. Fifth, or call 826-2271 or email You can also visit

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