The Wheel Inn Drive-In announced this week that they are closed and the business is up for sale. The Wheel Inn is most famous for the original Guberburger, which features peanut butter on top of a hamburger. Health reasons were cited as the reason for closing the doors.

Owners Don and Judy Clark relocated on South 65 in 2007 after the original location on Highway 50 and 65 closed down after being in operation since 1947.

I hope whoever buys the property somehow continues the proud tradition of the Wheel Inn and the Guberburger in some way. I thought it was great that the Clarks were able to purchase the menu and recipes after the closing of the original location from John and Pat Brandcamp.

Judy herself had the luxury of working in the old Wheel Inn Location since the age of 13 and I'm reminded by something she said in a KOMU interview when she reopened in the new location:

It's something I think that Sedalia has grown with. It's always been a part of Sedalia. And Wheel Inn has always been a part of Sedalia as long as I can remember.

I hope to see this tradition continue. If you're interested in buying the Wheel Inn location, call Don Clark at 221-0071.

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